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Andréa Petit and Alexis Muller are artisan designers who graduated in 2014 from the Boulle School in Paris, specializing in furniture design.

In 2017, they settled in Bilbao, where they founded Studio Petit Muller, a studio and workshop where they bring their most daring ideas to life. Its objective is to offer sensory experiences through furniture, interior design and lighting.

In their studio, they design and execute their ideas, experimenting with metal, wood and textile work, and incorporating photography into their creations. The importance they give to concept and aesthetics is reflected in their ability to transform household elements into material poetry, loaded with stories that expand the boundaries of the imagination.

From the creation of the “Erko” ergonomic stools to the development of the “Second Skin” methodology, focused on improving waste management and reducing the environmental impact of design, each project represents an opportunity to connect with people, question and contribute. sensitivity and harmony to their environment.

In Bilbao, they develop their own designs and collaborate closely with the luxury sector, interior designers, artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Sophie Calle and Jean Michel Othoniel, and museums such as LABoral Centro de Arte, Centro Botín, Musée du Quai Branly, Louvre-Lens , Palais de Tokyo. In addition, they serve as teachers at the IED Kunsthal, where they share knowledge and experiences with new generations of designers.

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We offer services:

  • design and manufacture of custom objects and furniture (wood, metal, textile, ceramics)

  • Creation and manufacturing of sets for shows and museums

  • Production of exceptional objects, sculptures

  • Creative and technical advice on your project

In our studio/workshop, we follow all our projects from the initial idea to the end.

Committed to ecodesign, we work in our own workshop and with talented artisans.
We promote the circular economy, craftsmanship and collaboration

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