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Collaborative design - Bilbao

The students of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Deusto have designed this new temporary urban space, located in the La Ribera neighborhood of Deusto and focused on promoting the renaturalization of urban environments.

The result was Chimenea Verde, a green infrastructure created with recycled elements, biodegradable materials and plants.

This temporary urban planning space is part of the La Ribera – Zorrotzaurre pilot of the European T-Factor project. The construction of the Green Chimney is the final point of a learning process that took place between October 2022 and July 2023, taught within the curriculum of the university degree at the University of Deusto.

The training module began with a conference program with international experts, where students were able to learn new strategies and methodologies for the design of sustainable urban solutions. From there, the teams worked on prototypes inspired by nature, with the support of creative professionals working at Zorrotzaurre. The challenge was to create a temporary infrastructure to promote biodiversity, but also to help improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, creating pleasant and open public spaces for the use of the neighborhood.

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