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Exhibition - Matadero - Mayrit Biennial 2024


What if spaces had feelings? What if they were sensitive beings, eager to love and be loved?

L'esprit des lieux is a behavioral luminaire designed to create a deeper connection with our environment. This soft and sparkling presence has the mission of accompanying and adapting to the needs of the people who occupy the spaces, offering a light that evolves depending on the environmental conditions and the times of day.


Like the fire of a bonfire that needs to be tended to offer its heat,
L'esprit des lieux is nourished by the affection and joy of those who live in those places. Thus, when the luminary is caressed or when people smile at it,
can fulfill its function: Create a warm atmosphere that embraces its occupants.


This project seeks to create a sensitive machine that encourages harmonious use of
technology, putting it at the service of empathy, listening and love.


Lumina connect : Light - Orchestrated - Versatile - Electronics

Lumina Connect is a concept of behavioral digital art (Living art) that uses open-source scientific and technological research. It is based on the exchange of knowledge within a multidisciplinary and international community. Lumina Connect aims to question the way in which individuals and institutions interact with art, with the Internet of Things (IoT), with Big Data, with AI and with each other.

Slaughterhouse - Mayrit biennial - "Mañano"

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