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Creative direction and curation - La Casa DATA

On the occasion of the celebration of the European Crafts Days, we open our workshops and exhibition space to the public so that they can meet the creators, works and trades.

A meeting point for all audiences interested in artisanal objects with a high value in design, quality and innovation led by a multidisciplinary group that creates connections and collaborations.

Traditional crafts and innovation of trades.

Ceramic 3D printer work, laser cutting, tufting gun, ceramics, wood, metal, photography and textiles


The workshops and exhibition space are located in a unique historical building of Bilbao's industrial heritage: The old Artiach biscuit factory in Zorrozaurre.

The building that housed the cookie factory was the first in Spain conceived and built for this purpose, designed by the engineer José Artiach Gárate.

Today, the old factory is an industrial space where the creations of new entrepreneurs, digital artisans, creation center and digital culture Fab Lab Bilbao are developed.

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